Mobile Voter Identification Platform: (MVIP)


The platform developed by team allows for voter identification to be completed by campaign workers using a network of iPhones and Android devices.  This system replaces the need for "paper and pen" note taking at the door step in order to record voter information.  There are 2 areas of this application, Voter ID and GOTV (Get out the vote).

MVIP Overall Advantages/Benefits:

  1. More accurate recording of data (Smartphone vs Walk List Paper)
  2. Less data entry volunteers required since the data is now inputted at the doorstep
  3. Easy integration with existing databases
  4. Campaign Manager/Candidate receives instant notification via email of issues that voters want the candidate to answer
  5. Campaign Managers can dispatch additional walk lists out to volunteers in the field without the team having to return to the campaign office
  6. Campaign Managers can follow the progress of canvassers in the field in real time
  7. Overall simplicity to streamline the process of collecting supporter/voter information

The MVIP system is ....... Simple, Effective, Impactful